The Tomato Farmers (Nakasendō #1)

Limited Edition (ed. 30) Signed A4 Print

Craig Mod

A4 Limited Ed. Print

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Signed + numbered limited edition print with custom kiribako

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Limited edition print

The Tomato Farmers (Nakasendō #1) is my third limited edition print. 

This is a photograph taken on April 26, 2019, 13:30 near the city of Shiojiri, at the start of the Kiso-ji portion of the old Nakasendō Highway. I had just eaten the worst bowl of shio ramen I had ever had, and started chatting with this group. They were strangely eager to be photographed, the front farmer barked at me, "Make me famous! Put me in The New York Times!" 

This A4 print is limited to an edition of thirty.

These were printed / signed / packaged by me at my home studio. They ship from my warehouse / distributor via tracked DHL, and usually arrive within three business days anywhere in the world.

Custom kiribako (wooden box) details

The print ships in a kiribako, or paulownia wood box. Japan scholar and historian John McBride can explain:

Paulownia Wood Boxes — used for centuries in Japan to store works of art. The perfect conservatory storage method, the wood contracts when it is dry and cool to draw dry air inside the box. And then expands in warm humidity to lock humid air outside. Details about the art work can also be written on the box, providing a record of the provenance of the artwork, including name, artist and ownership.  

Our box — made by a specialist in Saitama Prefecture to our specifications — is a bit of a riff on the classic; not quite to the same fully-enclosed specification, but of the original spirit, a modern update. The box can potentially warp (paulownia wood is very soft!) if you leave the lid off. Please store it with the lid attached.

Photograph / printing details

Image size: 277mm x 185mm
Paper size: 297mm x 210mm

Printed on acid- and lignin-free Hahnemühle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth using 10-color archival pigment inks

Edition of 30

Signed and dated on bottom margin “X / 30        CM 2022”